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Furinkazan and Freedom Gear
If you’re like me, you’ve blindly used other guides that suggested that Full Furinkazan is the best Set for an Attacking Ground Generals. Although you do lose a debuff by making this change, you gain more by breaking the Furinkazan Set to add the Freedom Set. By changing the body and helmet, you gain both attack and defense (+30% and +50%) at the cost of some HP (-50%) and the 6/6 Set Bonus (-25% Enemy Troop HP).

Since there are many methods to debuff your opponent (using research and sub generals), I believe this is a better use of your attacking general’s gear. Also, when/if Support Generals are released, this split also provides higher Ranged Attack, Mounted Defense, and Siege HP.

This was a quick find, but I look forward to seeing what else the community stumbles on by using the tools on this site 🙂

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