New Civ Gear & March Size Increases

New Civ Gear
Sorry for the hiatus, but I’ve got a couple site updates!

  1. The Gear Comparison tool is now up-to-date with ALL available Civilization Gear pieces. There are a few too many “estimated” pieces for my liking (5 at the time of writing), but I’ll be on the lookout and update as soon as I have them.
  2. I’ve increased the max March Size possible in the March Calculator to 10M. I originally set this max to a “likely maximum possible” level of 5M, which at the time seemed plenty high. Hopefully this increase will last a bit longer. But we’ll see how much crazier this civ gear gets 😀

If there are any more guides, tools, or features to current tools that you’d like to see, feel free to comment!

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