Rurik for PVM

We finally have the full Rurik Set available! And what’s great is that it appears to be the absolute best set for mounted PVM (Player VS Monster). That makes things simple, just put the full set on your PVM general and you can leave it there.

BUT there appears to be another part people are sleeping on:

There’s a new “best” setup for Mounted PVP (Player VS Player). If you switch out the weapon and ring slot in the previously best setup, you’ll see that you gain 15% HP and only lose 5% attack.

An added benefit is this new setup actually has +10% attack (other stats are the same) for reinforcing and +95% attack and +15% HP on attacking monsters over the old best setup. This makes this setup both slightly better in solo attacks, but also more versatile between attack styles.

Just something to consider! 🙂

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