Guide to Layered PvP Marches & Total Troops by Keep Level

This guide is meant to help players k25 and above understand:

  • How many troops to build of each type and each level (based upon keep level)
  • How to construct layered PVP marches that maximize attack while allowing you to stay fully ghosted when not attacking

In our Growth Guide for Players Through K25, we talked about the importance of being able to stay ghosted for PvP and SvS events. Remember that your troops cannot attack when they are ghosted. So essentially, following this guide means you will be able to attack the enemy and inflict heavy damage and then ghost so that they cannot hit you back.

At K25, we assume you have 5 marches available. You need to make sure that all of your troops can fit into 4 or fewer marches. Your last march needs to be left open to be able to send a march of 1 troop to occupy buildings and score points during PVP and battlefield events.

Remember that you must always invest first in your March Size Research and Rally spot construction, and then train troops to reach your new march capacity. This will ensure that you can always ghost all of your troops.

You should have the following preset PvP marches for attacks

  • Ranged
  • Ground
  • Mounted

You will typically have a 4th march (not typically a preset) that will not be used for attack

You will use this march to ghost any extra troops not used in your attack marches (often siege troops).

Your 5th march will be free to “tag” structures when needed.

See the tables below for recommended layered marches and total troop quantities for Keep Levels 25, 27, 30 & 32.

If none of these seem to fit you closely enough, try using the March Calculator to get a rough idea of what build might work for you.
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