Basics of Resources (Production & Gathering) – Part 2

This is part 2 of our “Basics of Resources” guide. If you haven’t read the first one, you should before continuing on.

Resource Gathering

Your marches can be sent to gather resources from World Map Tiles and Alliance Resource Tiles. Each level and type of troop has a different Troop Load which affects how much a single unit can carry. This doesn’t affect the speed of gathering, however, only the number of total troops it takes to completely collect the tile.

Generally, you will collect resources faster from the Alliance Resource Tile than from a World Map Tile due to alliance buffs.

When online, you should send 1-2 marches to gather from tiles and use the others to join rallies. You can earn resources much faster from rallies, but it requires constant attention (as well as enough rallies being started). If you notice there are too many rallies starting, you can always recall your gatherers.

When not online, you should aim to have as many marches out gathering as possible. This is because, when you are not online, you cannot join rallies, but the troops can continue to gather resources for you. If you are f2p (free-to-play), you should consider sending 1-2 marches to relics. Relics will allow you to still gain resources, but also work towards unlocking new generals and earning artwork and Civilization Treasure fragments.

Resource Gathering Generals (Available in the tavern)

For generals, you should ideally be looking for ones that bring back extra resources from tiles. If this isn’t available, then a temporary backup skill is faster gathering speed. Here are a few to look for:

  • Queen Jindeok – brings back extra 40% resources from World Map Resource Spots and extra 20% resources from Alliance Resource Spots when General is leading the army.
  • Constance I – brings back extra 20% resources from World Map Resource Spots and increases Troop Load by 20% when General is leading the army.
  • Shimazu Yoshihiro – brings back extra 30% resources from Farms and increases resource gathering speed by 10% when General is leading the army.
  • BelisariusIncreases resource amount from the resource spots on world map by 15% when General is leading the army. Also increased mounted troops’ attack by 20%
  • Gaius Marius – Increases Ore Gathering Speed by 30% and increases Lumber and Stone Gathering Speed by 15% from World Map Resource Spots when General is leading the army.
  • Princess Lucy – Increases resource gathering speed by 15% when General is leading the army.

Your endgame goal should be to have 5-6 Queen Jindeoks. She has the largest extra resources buff out of any general. For the early game, Constance I is a great substitute. Both can be found in the tavern, but be prepared to spend gems and gold to find and recruit them.

You should not spend gold in the tavern on generals with extra Gathering Speed or extra Troop Load. These skills can easily be added with skill books or offer very little benefit compared to any other general. Some generals you will get as rewards or from fragments, and only then should you use them at temporary placeholders until you get better generals.

Developing Resource Gathering Generals

When you have settled on generals you plan to keep (ideally Queen Jindeok), you will want to optimize her gathering. By increasing Politics, you can drastically increase her gathering speed. When you cultivate, the best method is to select the 10x option using gems and then only select Politics. You do not need to develop any other areas (Leadership, Attack, or Defense).

You may also consider building 4 pieces of Champion’s Gear for your gathering generals. This can be done at any point (since gear can be moved from general to general as you upgrade them).

If you equip the following pieces, you will get a +10% gathering speed bonus:

  • Champion’s Helmet
  • Champion’s Armor
  • Champion’s Leg Armor
  • Champion’s Boots

In addition, you can add two pieces from the Transcendence Set (bow and ring) for an additional 8% gathering speed bonus or select General’s/King’s weapons to get resource specific bonuses. The breakdown is:

  • Bow – Ore
  • Spear – Food
  • Axe – Lumber
  • Sword – Stone

You can also add skill books to increase the Gathering Speed for specific resources. Since Food is the least desired, I recommend adding Lumber, Ore, and Stone gathering speed books on each of your Gathering Generals.

NOTE: Do not add any higher level skill books until you have all 3 slots filled with the Lvl1 skill books that you want, or else they may be overwritten.

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