Growth Guide for Players Through Keep Level 25 – Part 2

This is part 2 of our “Growth Guide for Players Through Keep Level 25”. If you haven’t read the first part, you should before continuing on.

Early Game Troop Training

Unless you are your alliance’s main attacker, do not train more than 15k troops of each type for tiers 1 through 9 (T1-9). Although it may seem appealing to build more troops so you can kill boss monsters, the return for killing the bosses is not especially great until at least Boss Lv7 (Yasha).If you focus on building lower-level troops, you will find that you’ve spent all of your resources on troops that are no longer needed and often get in the way during PVP events.

Instead, join rallies that your strongest alliance members are leading. You can join these rallies with 1 troop and keep your wounded to a minimum (which will save speedups and resources). You still get the same reward, but at much less cost to you.

Once you get to K25 and can build T10 troops, invest in 100K of each troop type (excluding siege). At this point, with 100K T10 mounted troops, you can kill Boss Lv7 Yasha with no wounded and Boss Lv8 Peryton with some wounded.

You may consider only building 50K siege at this point. Building some siege will also allow you to use subordinate cities to level up your generals without taking any wounded. Be careful not to build too many though, because in the early game, they are not great for attacking in PVP and you may not be ready for defense yet.

Ghosting for PVP Events

Ghosting is queuing your troops in a 60 Minute rally against a boss or another player, or reinforcing another player’s keep who has a Truce Agreement (bubble) active. Once the rally has been started or the troops are marching to the player’s keep, the troops are no longer in your keep and can’t be harmed if someone attacks you. This skill is used often throughout all PVP events.

Ghost Build

At K25, you will likely start training T10 troops but you may not be at a point where you can survive an attack from another player. You should upgrade your Rally Spot and your March Size Research to ensure you can ghost all of your troops in at least 1 less than your total number of marches.

So if you have 5 marches available, you should confirm that all of your troops can ghost in 4 or fewer marches. Your last march should be left available so that you can send a march of 1 troop to occupy buildings and score points during PVP events.

Recruit the Right Generals

Once you have built your Tavern to key levels, go to “recruit” in your Tavern. Start using gems to refresh and look for key Epic Historic (gold) generals. A couple to keep an eye out for:

  • Queen Jindeok is available in the Tavern at Level 21. Your goal should be to obtain 5 Queen Jindeok to send out to gather when offline. Constance I is an acceptable substitute.
  • Baibars is available in the Tavern at Level 25. You should also aim to obtain 5 Baibars to use when joining others’ rallies. You will gain an additional 25% drop rate by using him in rallies.

Most other generals don’t become available until the tavern is at Level 25. For a list of good generals to be on the lookout for check out our Guide to Generals

Don’t Waste Material Crafting Early Game Gear

Wasting material is a big mistake that players make early on. Although it is very appealing to have the best possible gear, most of it is a waste of resources and you will regret having made it. Instead, focus on building gear that will be useful for a long time or that has a dual purpose.

Per Gathering General make: 4 pieces of Champions Gear, Transcendence Bow, and Transcendence Ring

Do not make any other gear until you can make King’s Gear
Make 3 sets of King’s Gear. Make a set for:

  • Mounted monster hunter / PVP general
  • Range PVP general
  • Ground PVP general

All other gear is a waste of resources until you can make Ares, Achaemenidae, or Civilization Gear.

Once you reach Keep level 25, avoid these mistakes:

  • DO NOT use runes to unlock your general’s special skills unless it is a general who ranks in the top 1-2 in PVP rankings. Runes are very limited so have a plan before using any.
  • DO NOT feed your dragon any material (only RSS or gems). Save these materials to build gear for your generals. This will have a much greater impact.
  • DO NOT neglect research. It is much easier to afford research if you do a little at a time and it is the key to doing well in this game. The quicker you complete research, the longer it will have to improve your account.

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